Shift - Single

by Ghosts to Ashes

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released February 1, 2013

Dave Carlin - Vocals
Ryan Kelleher - Guitar
Devin LaPlaca - Guitar / Bass
Josh Noel - Drums

Ian Van Opijnen - Engineering / Production
Caleb Pruitt - Bass / Vocals on 'Blueshift'
Alex Mitti - Co-composition on 'Blueshift'
Craig Miller - Album Artwork



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Ghosts to Ashes Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Blueshift
A shadow cast
Keep light on the outside
So I can have a guide to carry me home
It's been distorted through the blind eyes of the ghost
Who we believe

Breathe in and breathe deep
There's no turning back
Breathe in and breathe deep
I'm not turning back

All the life inside of me
Has revived only to die once again
All the faith in my heart still exists
To bring me a sense of hope

As blood runs gold
Your eyes ice cold
Watch your life
As it slowly fades away

What is hope
I can't escape this darkness
It's stolen my life
I can't escape this darkness
I can't escape
Track Name: Redshift
You are the knife in my back
You are the cancer in my veins
You are the slit across my throat
You are the smoke that blackens my lungs

Memories haunt me like nightmares
When will I wake up
Drifting in and out of consciousness
Floating into the dark

All the things you told me
Were all distorted with lies
I fell for your deception
You are the reason why I don't feel alive

I am the one who lost my home
I am the one who lost all hope
I am the one who let you ruin me
You ruined me

I'm falling away
Letting the current take me
Euphoria doesn't phase me
Oh no

I fight to live
I fight to die
I keep my demons by my side
I fight to love
I fight to lose
I have the will to break through
To break through

I don't know if you're listening
But here it is, I'm slowing drowning
In this reflection I see alone
I can't cope with this empty soul
Have you ever felt like falling into the ocean
Just to see how long you can tread the water
Before you sink to the floor
Praying to leave this in the past

Sink with me
Waste away
Sink with me