by Ghosts to Ashes

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released January 10, 2014

Dave Carlin - Vocals
Alex Mitti - Vocals / Guitar
Ryan Kelleher - Guitar
Tim Sheridan - Bass
Devin Laplaca - Drums

Ian Van Opijnen - Production / Mixing / Mastering
Shane Larson - Album Artwork



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Ghosts to Ashes Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Swan Song
As I fall to my knees
I'm questioning everything
It seems there's nothing left for me in this place
Senses thrown astray

The fear clouds my thoughts and gives me an anchor
To keep my feet on the ground
The sound of desperation
Exploding from my lungs

Echoes of fading tones
Leaving behind dry bones
And I'm waiting for something, anything
My will and patience are diminishing now
Reaching out to no avail
Whispering thoughts to myself
Caught in the clouds of frozen hell

The sound of my heartbeat is so sickening
I need it to end
The volumes I speak from inside my head
To make amends
So hold on tightly to the past
Cause it's all that exists
It ends today
And I pray that I'll never come back

Keep restrained
Breathe in the black air
A masquerade of silence
Deepens the sound from the tears of millions
Mourning a lost beacon of hope
The last they'll ever know
So drink to lies
And taste the vengeance
As my rhythm fades away
Fade away
Track Name: Vampires
I am the fire that keeps burning
I am the sun that never sets
I was searching for a meaning
For a reason, for a life to live

I was drowning in my skin
I was searching for an end
Cut me wide open
Breathe and let me in

Open your eyes
I'm still alive
This world is fleeting
To die is to survive
Open your mind
I'm still alive

Was it worth it?
In my heart it feels it
But I feel so alone
In this home
That I built
That I call my own

Dissociative memories
Pouring into my head
Opposite colors bleeding through
Fade to grey from a warm red

I'm falling and fading away
No one can save me
Please leave me to waste away
I'm fading away
No one can save me
Please leave me to waste away
I'm fading away
No one can save me
Fade away

When I wake up
I'll be okay
I want to say that I'll stay awake
If I don't make it
I'll never fake it
Just know inside
I'll be okay
Track Name: Shadows
As the fire is lit
The flames dance, eloquent
Like the writing on a page
Sensual yet superficial
An aesthetic existence
Fighting to be real
To exist, to coexist, to feel
But as the pyre burns ever slowly
And we return to our perch above
Embracing the flames
Forgetting what we once dreamt of
The flames dance in a waltz around us
As we sit content
Burning in the wreckage

Oh the silence
Oh the silence
It beckons me
Oh the shadows
Oh the shadows
Make it hard to see what I want to be
All the pictures
All the pictures
Burn in effigy
All the black smoke
Of the ashes makes
It hard to breathe
But I want to believe

I am a ghost of me
And you are losing time

But I will still fight
I'll never stop fighting
Even if it kills me
But I will still hope
I'll never stop holding on
Even if I die

But I'll see the light
I'll never stop searching
Even if I'm blind
And I will come home
I'll never stop until I find it
Just to see you again
Track Name: Fallout
Rise up to the sky
I'm a lonely spark of light
I'm a memory that died long ago
Follow this cycle
And give mercy to the sound and fury of our own
Sadistic emotions
Tearing skin and bone
I'll be the savior
I'll be anything you want
I'll be anything you've ever needed

It's hard to believe
When faith seems to serve me wrong
I'll keep my options open
But not for long
The world spinning on its axis
Spinning for a reason
Or for nothing at all
Do I mean nothing at all

All I want is another chance to make amends
I've made so many mistakes
But haven't we all

Weighted by life
Possessed by death
With wings spread
I take a breath
I close my eyes
And fall to the earth
If I wake up
I'll know my worth

I won't let the darkness win again
I'll keep my heart open
And when the colors fade from your eyes
I'll be there to watch you cry
I'll hold your hand and say
That it was meant to be this way
And we will die hand in hand
And then we'll do it all again
Track Name: Echoes
With eyes wide open
I see my reflection
For the first time
I'm no longer blind
I've come to terms with what I understand
And I will not yearn for what I can't

I fought to exist
I fought to feel
So I won't change no
I am who I am
Floating in airwaves
My fate is sealed
But I am grounded
Until I feel

I'm calling out her name
She's turning

What lies within us
I won't stop questioning
All the journeys that we take
Always lead home

I was the one who set the fire
From a spark that faded away
I was the one who stood in the pyre
While my nightmares faded to grey

No one can save me
I only have myself
I am the unknown that's left undiscovered
Fighting to be someone else
Candlelight and silence
Make me feel at home
But the present is no gift
It just makes us feel less alone
Do you feel like it's all worth it
They never said that it'd be perfect
I've learned to see the light in the darkness
I've learned to love what is never forgotten

Your voice will carry me home
When you're here I don't feel alone
Your voice will carry me home

Your wings will carry my soul
When we die we won't be alone
Your wings will carry my soul home